Scientific Programme

Book of abstracts

Plenary Speakers

NameAbout Theme
Prof. Arlindo OliveiraProfessor in the Department of  Computer Science and Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon  Big Data and Bioengineering: The Perfect Marriage
Dr. Denise CrokerLecturer for the BEng Chemical & Biochemical Engineering program at the University of Limerick, Ireland  Pharma’s Future & Frontiers
Dr. Gerhard C. WagnerVice President R&D DSM Biotechnology Center| DSM Food Specialties B.V. Developing, processing, and manufacturing of food enzymes and fine chemicals
Prof. Sean PalecekProfessor in the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Biomanufacturing Cardiovascular Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Prof. Alfredo AguilarChairman Task Force Bioeconomy, Member of the Executive Board, European Federation of Biotechnology  Bioeconomy for sustainable development


Keynote Speaker

Name Theme
Prof. Juan A. Asenjo Metabolic Engineering of new Streptomyces sp. From Extreme Environments for Novel Antibiotics and Anticancer Drugs
Prof. Anurag Rathore Role of Mechanistic Modeling in Optimization and Control of Bioseparation Processes
Prof. Reiner Luttmann

A comprehensive study in PAT- applications for a QbD- compliant development of continuous biopharmaceutical production

Prof. Glaucia Souza Bioenergy & Sustainability: Latin America and Africa
Prof. Solange I. Mussatto Key technologies to accelerate the bioeconomy