Bioprocess Engineering, Integration and Intensification

  • Biocatalysis 
    (Biocatalyst formulation; Biocatalyst engineering; Reaction engineering; Cascade reactions; Bioelectrochemistry, Holistic process design and development)

  • Upstream Processing
    (Alternative expression systems; Hosts strain engineering; Metabolic engineering; Synthetic biology; Systems biology and omics applications)
  • Culture Process Development
    (Bioreactor engineering; Mammalian cell culture process development; Microbial process development)
  • Downstream Processing
    (Advances in chromatographic separations; Novel or improved ligands; Miniaturization, scale-up and scale-down; Non-chromatographic separations)
  • Bioprocess Integration and Intensification
    (Disruptive Technologies; Continuous Manufacturing; Single-Use, Disposable & Low-Cost Technologies; Integration of Upstream and Downstream Technologies)
  • Process Modelling, Monitoring and Control
    (Modelling and simulation of bioprocesses; Process Analytic Technology - PAT; Quality by Design - QbD; Determination of quality attribute criticality – CQAs; Process understanding & Design space; Implementation & Description of control strategy; Biosensors; Big process data, Smart manufacturing and smart factories; Cloud computing; Automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies; Omics)
  • High Throughput Screening and Miniaturization
    (Upstream & Downstream process development; Drug discovery; Formulation development; Bioprocess miniaturization)

Bio-based Economy and Sustainable Bioprocessing

  • Bioenergy; Biorefineries, Bioeconomy, Integration of biorenewables with other renewables technologies -solar, wind; Materials and chemicals sustainability; Synthetic biology approaches to engineer production of biofuels and value-added chemicals; Engineering microbes to utilize next generation feedstocks; Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering using omics-based approaches; High-added value products in commodity oriented biorefinery systems; Integration of bioproducts in classical materials field - composities, packaging

Marine and Microalgae Bioengineering

  • Microalgal Bioprocesses; Photobioreactor; Screening and strain development; Bioprospecting - New pharmaceuticals discovery

Agro-Food Bioengineering

  • Agricultural bioengineering; Food biotechnology; Food safety and security; Microbial physiology and engineering metabolic; Functional fermented foods

Health Bioengineering

  • Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing
    (Bioreactors for stem cell expansion and differentiation; Bioprocessing of human pluripotent stem cells; Clinical manufacturing of stem cell-based therapies; Disease Modeling; HPT drug screening; Biomaterials and devices for stem cell engineering; Tissue Engineering; Organoid Engineering; Cell-on-a-chip; Organ-on-a-chip; Stem Cell Biosystems Engineering)
  • Biopharmaceuticals
    (Monoclonal antibodies; Therapeutic proteins; Nucleic acids; Antibody Drug Conjugates; Vaccines; Gene therapy vectors; Biosimilars; Drug delivery; Novel formulations; Big data and Biomanufacturing; Biopharming; Diagnosis; Ethics)