Dr-Ing. Gerhard Christian Wagner


Dr.-Ing. Gerhard C. Wagner is Vice President R&D of DSM heading the DSM Biotechnology Center in Delft, The Netherlands.

The DSM Biotechnology Center is a leading research and development center working in the fields of food enzymes, dairy culture and savoury, offering tailor made biotechnological processes for pharma customers, biotechnological processes for fuel, bio-based building blocks and antibiotics.

Dr. Wagner has 20 years of international senior management experience in Research & Development (R&D) including strategy and business development, acquisition and integration of R&D groups worldwide. He studied process engineering at the Technical University of Munich and gained his doctorate in 1994. Since then he has held different scientific and managerial positions at Hoffmann-La Roche and DSM in Switzerland, China, the US and currently in The Netherlands.

His specific scientific interests besides biotechnology are process technology, product design and engineering. In these fields he is holding several patents and published several articles. He is co-editing with Wiley’s books about Product Design and Engineering.

Dr. Wagner is Co-Chairman of the EFCE section group “Product Design and Engineering”, Board Member of the Dutch TechCenter for Life Sciences and Member of the EIT Leadership Board of Food & Drink Europe.